From lab reactor scale to complete sets of chemical process units

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Glass reactors /
pilot plants

Glass reactors / Pilot plants

«buchiflex» glass-, glass lined steel equipment and Pharma Reactor systems guarantee best performance in pilot plant, kilo lab and production - for scale up studies to cGMP manufacturing of APIs and chemicals. Chemical reactions, full vacuum distillation a.o. are performed safely; nutsch filters, glass mixing vessels and scrubbers are avaialble for additional process steps.

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Pressure reactors /
stirred autoclaves

Pressure reactors / Stirred autoclaves

Buchi pressure reactors or stirred laboratory autoclaves feature a unique modular design. Glass - and metal pressure vessels, hydrogenators for high - low pressure / temperature use stirrer drives with magnetic couplings for efficient (high viscosity) mixing. Pressure Reactors of different types and volumes are used in the same system.

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Process instrumentation /

Process Instrumentation / Automation

Büchi instruments for data acquisition and process control.
Custom tailored for our reactor systems.

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