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Wir unterscheiden 2 verschieden Typen von Glasreaktoren:

Dabei zu berücksichtigen ist die Druckgeräterichtlinie PED.



Glasreaktoren für Labor

«minipilot» 5 – 15 Liter Pilot Reaktor

Laborartory Glass reactors are made in Borosilicate Glass, it was developed in 1887 by Otto Schott and Ernest Abbe in Jena Germany, Borosilicate glass is also known as Pyrex, Duran or Jena Glass. Laboratory glass Reactors in Borosilicate glass provide several advantages:

  • wide operation temperature range
  • very low thermal expansion (linear over a wide temperature range)
  • It’s hydrophobic characteristic makes it easy to clean the complete chemical or pharmaceutical reaction unit
  • The inert attitude is another important factor, and at the other factor is obvious - it is transparent.