Chemical reactors - for vaccum and pressure applications - chemically resistant

Büchi Glass - Chemical Reactor Systems

Buchi Reactor systems are developed to fulfill the actual needs of the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries.

Chemical reactors - for vaccum and pressure applications - chemically resistant

Büchi Glass - Chemical Reactor Systems

Chemical reactors, Chemical stirred Tank Reactors (CSTR) are used for multiple chemical processes. As Batch reactors  the can be operated as stand alone units (often in the Lab for vaccum-, atmospheric to high pressure reactions) or as the heart of a complete chemical reaction system as used in chemical manufacturing for multi steps synthesis. Depending on the chemistry and process conditions, they are built in different materials: In highly corrosion resistent transparent Borosilicate glass, in glass lined steel  or with reduced resistance against acids but for high pressure applications in stainless steel, Hastelloy C22, (see also Inconel, Monel), Titanium, Tantalum. The sealing material is also of importance has must be chosen carefully.

Chemical Reactors must consider regarding design and performance:

Buchi«chemReactors»are built for batch – and / semi batch operation mode.
Perfectly matched components, top-quality materials, and the competence and experience of the Büchi team guarantee economical and high performance solutions tailored to the customer‘s most detailed requirements. Büchi’s worldwide success represents more than state-of-the-art technology; it stands for fair partnership and skilled, professional support.
Customized reactor design: ask us.

Büchi Glass equipment, glass reactors

Operation pressure

Full vacuum to pressure (0.5 bar)

Operation temperature

-80°C (-60°C) to + 200°C

Reactor volumes

5 – 10’000 liters

Materials (wetted)

Glass / glass lined steel / PTFE / Hastelloy


Full view reaction vessel, column, heat exchanger (condenser), feeder, receiver

Application /processes

(Vacuum) Distillation, Reflux, Rectification
Azeotropic distillation (phase separation)
Evaporation to desired consistency
Multi-component reactions
Gas dispersion into liquid phase
Extraction/phase separation in reactor
Cryogenic / low temperature reaction
Scale up
Manufacturing of API’s, intermediates


Automation, stirrer shapes, pH, sampling, CiP, solid (high containment) feed, etc.


Engineering, manufacturing, installation


Fine chemicals, pharmaceuticals (API’s), plastics, dyes and many others


cGMP Design, CE conformity, PED conformity, ATEX conformity (explosion proof), FDA conform materials, etc.

Installation sites

R&D Lab, Pilot Plant, kilo lab, production


The design of Büchi chemical reactors integrates multiple aspects of chemical engineering like:

  • Excellent thermal process control
  • Pure products
  • Safe operation
  • Best performance
  • Economical solution
  • Customized reactor systems
  • Return On Investment (ROI)

Büchi Glass Reactors and Glass lined reactors systems:

Chemical reactors are used for many different processes. To process different chemicals, the reactors are built using highly corrosion resistant or inert materials (Borosilicate glass, glass lined steel (G/L)). Due to this fact and due to the design, our chemReactors can be used as multipurpose reactors in many applications.

In R&D as well as in Pilot and kilo labs of pharmaceutical companies or life science companies, the reactors are used for multiple processes. They are often used as batch reactors. The operation temperature for such reactors can be from – 85°C up to + 200°C. These reactors are called low temperature reactors or cryogenic reactors, since often used in pharma research, people also refer to them as pharma reactors. When using in Pharma, other aspects like choice of used materials, easy cleaning ability etc. have to be respected too.

chemReactors are built with reactor sizes of 15 liter, 30 liter, 60 liter, 100 Liter, 160 liter and 250 liter. They are used for scale up processes, process development and small scale (API) manufacturing or manufacturing of fine chemicals.

The reactors are built with a glass lined steel bottom section. The reactor upper part is a glass dome for smaller reactors or glass column and glass lined cover plate. These glass parts which are made in borosilicate glass allow the chemist to observe the reaction, while the glass lined bottom section guarantees excellent thermal process control - due to its optimized design. Inside the reactor, many accessories are available. Stirrers are to be defined according to the processed media and process itself. Stirrer shapes can be impeller, anchor or others, arranged as single stirrer or as multi stage stirrer. The distillation glass overhead usually consists of glass feeding vessels or feeders, a distillation column and receiving vessels or receivers. For the condensation, we use glass spiral condensers or shell and tube type heat exchangers in glass or silicon carbide (SiC), and an additional glass condenser as vent condenser. Glass valves are used in the systems for different purposes.
The glass distillation overhead is usually used for vacuum distillation, where high vacuum rates are needed. This can be achieved with the use of our büchiflex glass connections.

The safety, reliability, and serviceability of glassware systems depend heavily on the joint quality; a glass joint must not only remain tight and strong but must also permit completely stress-free assembly. Büchi’s flexible «büchiflex» glass connection meets the need for a perfect, safe, and reliable solution.

For reactors systems larger than 250 liters for mid scale to large scale production, Pilot and kilo labs, we use glass lined mixing vessels supplied by different manufacturers of glass lined steel reactors. These reactors are called AE or BE type reactors. For complete systems consisting of such enamelled reactors with glass overheads, shell and tube heat exchangers are used more often due to the need for increased heat exchange area. Due to the excellent heat transfer, the inner tubes of such heat exchangers are often made of SiC. Complete distillation setups are to be defined according to the process. Our flexible büchiflex glass connection system is a key component for safe chemical processing and stands for the best performance in chemical production sites for installation with glass components up to DN600.

The design of chemical or pharmaceutical process equipment has to cover several issues. These systems are often customized according to specific customer requirements. Sometimes the reactor needs to be in stainless steel, sometime in Hastelloy C22, sometimes with half pipes and heating jacket, sometimes it has to withstand pressure. There are requests for solid feed or powder dosing using high containment solutions that have to be added to the reactors as well as pH control, sampling, nitrogen purging /blanketing. In most cases these reactors are installed in flame proof or hazardous area, so they have to be approved as flame proof or ATEX certified equipment.
We use current – up to date technology to first define flow diagrams (PID or P&ID). Based on these, we design the chemical process unit using 3D engineering software. A “real view” of the future plant can be generated, allowing the customer to actually verify his installation in a very early stage of planning.

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