Büchi Glas Uster - Glass Pharma Reactor

Buchi is a leading manufacturer of glass pharma reactors. The design of our reactors fulfils the requests of the authorities (pressure equipment directives and Ex proof equipment ) and of the pharma industry regarding:

  • cGMP manufacturing of API's and intermediates
  • validation / qualification
  • safety guidelines
  • Guide lines of construction (PED, ATEX,others)
  • as well as special design features (compact design, self emptying lines, short down times, high preformance)
  • low temperature or cryogenic applications and many other factors.

Glass pharma reactors are often used for synthesis and small scale production of fine chemicals and pharmaceuticals (API’s). For use in Pilot Plants and kilolabs, other equipement as mixinig vessels , Glass Nutsch Filters / Dryers, gas scrubbers to neutralize corrosive / acidic gases are needed as accesories.

The performance of such reactors depends on several factors, see also chemical Reactors page.

Buchi's Glass Pharma reactors are built with a glass section to visually obeserve the chemical reaction and with a glass lined carbon steel bottom section for better temperature control. This visual process control through the upper glass section is very important in Pilot Plants due to the often changing products and processes under cGMP manufacturing. The distillation overhead in borosilicate glass with PTFE gaskets is mainly used for (vacuum) distillation. The use of glass lined steel with Borosilicate glass allows processing of a wide range of different substances. The high vacuum (or low leakage rate) of the complete reaction system is crucial for the purity of the final product. This as well as safe chemical processing in glass process equipment we can guarantee by the use of «büchiflex» components of our modular glass components system with its unique flexible glass connection.

The standard configuration of Buchi Glass Pharma Reactors allow to perform a variety of processes like:

  • Distillation, Reflux, Rectification
  • Azeotropic distillation (phase separation)
  • Evaporation to desired consistency
  • Multicomponent reactions
  • Gas dispersion into liquid phase
  • Extraction/phase separation in reactor
  • Crystallization
  • Cryogenic / low temperature reaction

Since used for multiple processes and different products, fast and efficient cleaning of such reactors systems is very important. This issue must be respected already in the planning stage by the choice of used materials in such units, as well as in the design of the complete unit to shorten the down time during product changes.

Complete sets of such multipurpose Pilot Reactors consist of:


For optional pharma reactor accessories like : pH control, automation, different glass setup, impeller- , anchor stirrers, please refer to the section reactor options.

Industrial scale kilolab reactors systems use glass AE or BE type lined mixing tanks with large shell and tube heat exchangers made of full glass, Glass lined steel / glass or silicon carbide with glass.

Glass Reactors Systems including:
«miniPilot» 5 - 15 liters
«chemReactor» type Reactors systems
chemical process equipment in glass, glass lined steel
Glass Reactors, mixing vessels, storage tanks