Process Equipment for pharmaceutical research and pharmaceutical production

buchiglas process equipment in pharmaceutical research and pharmaceutical production plants are often built with glass lined steel mixing tanks and distillation overheads in Borosilicate Glass. Chemical engineering is needed to design the adequate equipment for a specific process.

Pharmaceutical process technology is using Borosilicate Glass due to several reasons. Chemical or pharmaceutical processing plants or single Glass Reactors offer several advantages:

  • wide operation temperature range
  • very low thermal expansion (linear over a wide temperature range)
  • It’s hydrophobic characteristic makes it easy to clean the complete chemical or pharmaceutical reaction unit
  • The inert attitude is another important factor, and at the other factor is obvious  - it is transparent.

These are the main reasons for the use of Borosilicate glass in chemical processing plants used in chemical and pharmaceutical research and in production.Brand names for Borosilicate glass are Pyrex or Duran.

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Buchi is a leading manufacturer of chemical process equipment, consisting of glass lined mixing vessels with Borosilicate glass distillation overhead. The Glass overheads of smaller units use glass condensers, larger units use shell & tube type heat exchangers with inner tubes in glass or Silicon carbide (SiC).

Many chemical processes are performed in such setups:

  • Vacuum Distillation, Reflux, Rectification
  • Azeotropic distillation (phase separation)
  • Evaporation to desired consistency
  • Multicomponent reactions
  • Gas dispersion into liquid phase
  • Extraction/phase separation in reactor
  • Crystallization
  • Cryogenic reaction / low temperature reaction
  • Solvent distillation
  • Etc.

In drug discovery and life science, several guidelines and regulations must be respected by the process equipment manufacturers.
Since working often with solvents, the unit must be explosion proof. In Europe the ATEX regulation for Ex proof equipment must be applied and confirmed by a certificate of conformity.

Another important factor especially in pharmaceutical production in the cleanliness of such installation. When running different products in the same reactor system, a cross contamination must be avoided. This has to be respected already in the design of chemical reaction units, as well as by choosing the right materials for such equipment.
The distillation overhead is therefore made in Borosilicate glass with PTFE gaskets. The chemical process is mainly done under vacuum. Therefore the high vacuum (or low leakage rate) is crucial for the purity of the final product. Distillation Glass overheads are built This as well as safe chemical processing in glass process equipment we can guarantee by the use of «büchiflex» components (up to DN600) of our modular glass components system.

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