Different engineering tools are used, such as:

3-D Engineering

Our customers benefit from our 3-D drawings by verifying correct piping, functionality, user friendliness, allocation of the complete setup in the building, connecting of utilities etc. Büchi glass equipment saves time and money, already in the engineering stage.

We provide a free 3-D software tool for download to view your installation during the approval process.

Download Viewer Software

FEM Analysis

Büchi has a wide range of capabilities based on reliable and efficient finite element procedures. This method is used for applications where reliability and safety is of critical importance. Our top objective is to design products which guarantee best operator safety.

Chemical reactor engineering

We use software tools for mathematical modeling of mixing and mixing-dependent processes in low viscosity liquids and multiphase mixtures as well as modeling of mixing in highly viscous media. We can provide data for successful analysis, scaling-up and optimization of mixing tanks and reactors with all types of impellers.