Performing Reactors

Buchi Reactor systems - high performance - day by day

Buchi’s success with chemical glass plants started with the supply of innovative glass equipment for large chemical production sites for chemical industries in Switzerland. The most important aspects for these customers were the reliability of the equipment, short down times, economic daily operational costs and the high productivity and reproducibility of high purity chemicals.

By achieving this, Buchi glass equipment becomes an economic solution and stands for excellent Return on investment (ROI) as proven by numerous installations worldwide.

To guarantee high reliability and efficiency of chemical plants in continuous daily operation, every single component of a plant requires high mechanical stability and corrosion resistance. This is considered during all steps - from engineering, plant design, manufacturing and installation - from small scale pilot reactor up to complete chemical processing plant - we take care of all the details to be considered to make our customers life easy. Our experienced staff will help you to find the best Buchi setup for your tasks.

Experience the Buchi advantages - you will be convinced!

Safety with Buchi glass equipemnt, glass reactors

Safety aspects with chemical plants in Glass

Glass / glass lined steel equipment - designed for reliable day to day operation

For chemical research, glassware and reactors in glass are standard Lab equipment worldwide due to several  reasons:

  • excellent chemical resistance
  • transparency for better understanding during process development
  • visual control compared to expensive Ex-proof control systems
  • easy an efficient cleaning
  • inexpensive raw material


Glass equipment is also very valuable also in larger chemical plants as Pilot Plants and Production plants. For these larger systems, Buchi integrates solid glass lined steel and coated steel components to increase mechanical stability.

Chemical plants in Borosilicate glass

Robust and performing reactors - solid and versatile distillation glass overheads

The design of Buchi Reactors is based on industry standards.

Buchi chemReactors are equipped with glass lined bottom heating section for high mechanical stability and excellent heat transfer as well as outstanding corrosion resistance. The glass lined stirrer ensures efficient mixing and good heat transfer.