Fast Action closure, reactor lift

Fast opening / closing of pressure reactor

Safe, fast and easy operation with the fast action closure

If the pressure vessel is to be opened frequently, a fast action closure becomes very helpful. Our fast action closure solutions are manufactured and comply with the European Pressure Equipment Directive PED. Reactors can only be opened in unpressurized condition.

Opening and closing the reactor becomes very easy and does not require any tool. With our vessel lift option even heavy reaction vessels can be opened and closed without the need of attending multiple gym lessons beforehand.

Lift for pressure reactors / Nut and Bolt closure

Nut and Bolt closure of the reactor is the more economic version. It is often the choice picked if reactors are not opened frequently.

The Reactor Lift is very convenient for the operation of heavier pressure vessels. It is available for Nut and Bolt closure as well as for Fast Action Closures.