Measure / display for Labs & Plants

measure / display of single and multiple process parameters

These systems are designed for measuring and displaying of process parameters in chemical Labs and Plants. We offer solutions for installation:

  • inside Ex zones (Field controller and display) (Ex)
  • outside Ex zone with probes inside Ex zones ([Ex])
  • completely outside the Ex zones or non Ex areas (none Ex)

bds md - 3 channel measure / display

The compact ready to use measuring and display instrument (none Ex, optional [Ex]) is designed for 1 to 3  process parameters. Measured data can be transferred and stored in the bls software.

measure  / display of:

  • Temperature / Pressure / Vacuum / Stirrer speed

bds mc - 6 channel measure / display

The ready to use bds mc multi channel (none Ex, optional [Ex]) instrument can measure and display up to 6 different  process parameters. It is easy to operate via touch screen. Data can be transferred and stored to the bls software. Info on available control functions, se bds mc xc / vc.

measure / display of 6 process parameters like:

  • Temperature, Pressure / Vacuum, Torque, Stirrer speed, pH, ..

bds pH

Measure and display of pH, (none Ex).

Field displays for installation in Ex zones

intrinsic safe single - and multi channel ex displays for Zone 1 and 2