Quotations of pressure reactors

Quotations of pressure reactors

A lot of know how and experience from built units over many years is integrated in our standardized pressure reactor systems, which we offer in different volumes and materials.

To understand your specific need, we kindly request you to send us specifications on the equipment you are looking for. We prepared this inquiry sheet to guide you through the points to be clarified - please complete.

Minimal info requirements for pressure reactors or stirred autoclaves are:

  • Reactor volume in liters, gallons
  • Reactor Material (glass, glass lined steel ,stainless steel, Hastelloy, Titanium, Tantalum, Inconel, Nickel, other?
  • Operation temperature range
  • Operation pressure rangemedia viscosity indication
  • Reactor design (a flow diagram or PID is of help)
  • measure and control of which process parameters

Our engineering team will support you with up to date technology, please contact us.