Spare parts, maintenance

Spare part ordering

Our local partner will support you with the supply of spare parts. Part numbers for spares can be found in the documents supplied with the equipment. In case of doubts, please include the specific system reference number which can be located in the documentation or on the name plate on the equipment.

Reference numbers and dimensions of our standard pressure reactor components ask us for a printed catalog via email (remark pressure catalog).

In case your equipment needs to be returned to our facilities for repairs, please confirm decontamination / harmlessness of the parts by filling out the form:
Decontamination of equipment

Maintenance of pressure reactors

Due to the design and the material used, Buchi pressure reactors are very reliable.
Maintenance of our pressure reactors, stirred autoclaves is little, easy and fast done.

Maintenance training for local staff can be done during the installation of the equipment.
Please contact our trained local partner in case of need on training or Inspection of your equipment.