Control temperature, pressure, pH, ..

Controllers for different chemical process parameters

These systems are designed for the control of single processes in chemical Labs and Plants. We offer single channel control solutions for installation:

  • inside Ex zones (Field controller and display) (Ex)
  • outside Ex zone with probes inside Ex zones ([Ex])
  • completely outside the Ex zones or non Ex areas (none Ex)

bds mc xc / vc  multi  channel controller

The bds mc xc / vc multi channel  (none Ex, optional [Ex]) instrument can measure and control different process parameters. It is easy to operate via touch screen. Data can be transferred and stored to the bls software. 

measure / control of process parameters like:

  • Pressure, Vacuum, flow control with totalizer

bds cx

The bds cx controller (none Ex, optional [Ex]) is a single channel controller for different chemical process parameters.

measure / control of single process parameters like:

  • Vacuum, Pressure, Temperature, ..

pH control

This pH controller designed for installation in Ex classified zones.

btc temperature controller for metal pressure vessels
The Buchi btc PID controller (none Ex, Option [Ex]) ensures accurate process temperatures and efficient heating / cooling of Buchi  Lab - and Pilot scale pressure reactors made of stainless steel, Hastelloy and other metals. The typical temperature range is from room temperature up to 500°C.

jacketed pressure reactors with TCU and 
electric heated pressure reactors