Depolymerization reactions

Fractionate biomass into its monomeric components

Reactor: novoclave, Type 3 100ml 
Material: Stainless Steel
Pressure: ~400bar
Temperature: ~400°C

"The 100ml novoclave works great for my bench top scale. I love the idea that I can scale up to 600ml at any time without having to purchase an entire new reactor. We use the novoclave for benchtop depolymerization reactions. Basically, we fractionate biomass into its monomeric components to serve as platform chemicals for other high value biomaterials or bioproducts. This employs water together with other solvents, acid or a base. The reactor vessel is well built to serve its purpose. It does not take up space at all which is great for a benchtop lab setting."

Emmanuel Atta-Obeng, Assistant Professor, Department of Natural Science, Coppin State University