Pilot Plant and Reactor Systems

From lab reactor scale to complete sets of chemical process units

Glass Reactors & Plants / Pilot Plant equipment

Buchi reactors and chemical glass plants have passed the test of time with outstanding performance, robustness and versatility in daily operation. Reactor systems, nutsch filters, mixing vessels and scrubbers are used for cGMP production of APIs and chemicals in pilot plants and production sites. Buchi process equipment is built with solid glass based on unique flexible joints and glass lined steel components.

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stirred lab autoclaves / Pressure reactors

Büchi laboratory autoclaves and pressure reactor systems are used for reactions under pressure such as hydrogenation, polymerization, catalyst research and materials research. They are also used for small-scale production. The laboratory autoclaves allow the use of various interchangeable glass or metal vessels.  Corrosion-resistant metals such as stainless steel, Hastelloy®, tantalum, titanium, zirconium and others are used. Efficient stirring and mixing is ensured by the use of powerful agitator drives with magnetic couplings.

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Standard control system
New standard control system

Büchi AG proudly presents our newest standard control system, suitable for all Büchi glass reactors systems!

The fine-tuned combination of our...

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Laboratory high pressure / high temperature reactor
Our new high pressure and high temperature autoclave novoclave

Reach new dimensions in terms of pressure and temperature! This is our new high pressure and high temperature autoclave novoclave.


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Buchi high pressure reactor
Interesting publication

Have a look at this interesting publication: “A two-stage biological gas to liquid transfer process to convert carbon dioxide into bioplastic”. Our...

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