Glass reactors & process equipment

Buchi glass reactors and process equipment guarantee best process performance in labs, pilot plants / kilo labs and production. From laboratory synthesis through scale-up to production.

Buchi apparatus and systems are built with Swiss made highest quality borosilicate glass components and various other components made of highly corrosion-resistant materials such as glass-lined steel, fluoropolymers and Hastelloy®. – Buchi is your competent partner. 


Reactor systems 5 - 250 liter

Process equipment > 250 liter

Nutsche filters 10 - 300 liter

Filter reactors for pilot plants and kilo labs

Mixing vessel, storage tanks 10 - 400 liter

Gas scrubber 10 - 100 liter

Features and auxiliary equipment

Measuring & control devices



Corporate Video

Flexible glass connection buchiflex - Glass reactor systems