Pressure reactors / stirred autoclaves

Buchi pressure reactors / stirred autoclaves are used for reactions and various applications under pressure.

Our pressure reactor systems are designed for intensive daily use in laboratories, pilot plants / kilo labs and small-scale production facilities. Customized solutions for your specific process requirements.

Lab and pilot pressure reactors 0.25 - 500 liter

Small pressure reactors 10 – 600 ml

High pressure reactors 100 ml – 5 liter

Metal-free (inert) pressure reactors 100 ml – 20 liter

Hydrogenation systems

Magnetic couplings & magnetic stirrer drives

Corrosion testing autoclaves

Accessories for pressure reactors

Measure, control & automation

Product filter pressure reactors / stirred autoclaves



Corporate Video

Buchi Pressure Reactors