New distributor in Ireland

Our newly appointed distributor in Ireland is Mason Technology. This new partnership will provide Irish customers with local access to sales and service for the complete range of Buchiglas products.

"We are excited to partner with Mason Technology to offer our solutions to the Irish market," said Andreas Schöb, Head of Sales & Engineering Pressure Reactors, Buchiglas. "With a local presence, we believe that Mason Technology's experience and knowledge of the Irish market will help us better serve our customers." 

Michael Kervick, sales manager for the Sample Preparation and Measurement division, added, " We are thrilled to be able to offer Buchiglas’ high-quality products to our customers. Their Glass Reactors and Process Equipment, as well as their Pressure Reactors and Stirred Autoclaves, provide researchers and manufacturers with reliable, efficient tools for chemical synthesis, process development, and other critical applications." 

Our partnership will strengthen our market presence in Ireland. Mason Technology will deliver the best possible solutions and will support our customers with exceptional technical advice and customer service. We are looking forward to working together.