Corporate Profile

Mission Statement

Our mission is to accelerate scientific progress and to increase productivity and sustainability of chemical and pharmaceutical manufacturing.

Thereby, we advance health and well-being of a growing global population and enable a sustainable future.

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Customer Focus

A fair partnership with our customers is paramount for us. Understanding the needs of our customers enables us to develop the best solution in each case and forms the foundation of a successful cooperation for the mutual benefit of both parties.

Long-term customers are satisfied customers and returning customers. The objective of our activities is to achieve long-term satisfaction of our customers through the delivery of safe, reliable, technological and qualitative leading apparatus and plants. 

The maxim of our sales and services organization is “global reach – local competence”. We offer advice and service in accordance with local needs and requirements through our subsidiaries and a widespread network of independent distributors.

We solely cooperate with selected distributors and put emphasis on long-standing and partnership-based relationships. The continuous training and professional development of our partners has great importance for us and forms the basis for local customer service at the highest level.

Innovation, Business Development and Growth

The basis of a successful and long term corporate development are products and services which fulfil and eventually exceed the continuously changing needs and requirements of our customers. Through ongoing innovation of our products and services, manufacturing technologies and internal value-creation processes, we achieve our corporate development goals. 

Market orientation, customer focus, new and ongoing developments as well as carefully chosen partnerships enhance and expand our product and service portfolio. Thereby, enabling further development and long-term growth of our company as well as securing its independence.


We want to be an outstanding company. We achieve this through qualified, motivated and entrepreneurial thinking employees as well as a work environment which enables peak performance. We attach great importance to the recruiting process and continuously invest in the practical training and professional development of our employees. We train apprentices and thereby invest in the future of young professionals. 

Our leadership culture is based on commitment, trust and mutual respect. Based on clear objectives, competence and responsibility agreements we deliver our products and services in the most economical and sustainable way. Thereby, we continuously further the development of our company.

Health protection and work safety of our employees have the highest priority in our Company.


Büchi AG was founded in 1946 by the brothers Jakob Büchi and Hermann Büchi senior. Already three years after the foundation of the company, the two entrepreneurs identified the needs of the market and developed the first “büchiflex” ball and socket system - a new, flexible and interchangeable connection system for glass piping. This unique combination of individual functional components and highly corrosion-resistant borosilicate glass was immediately and universally accepted in the chemical industry.

Pressure reactors (stirred autoclaves) made of metal materials or glass, which were developed later, also quickly became a standard item in companies of the chemical and pharmaceutical industry as well as in research organizations.

The company is still family owned and is headed by Silvio Büchi in the 3rd generation.

Products and Services

Buchi is a globally leading manufacturer of reactor systems, pilot plants and related services in the field of demanding process requirements in terms of:

• Corrosion resistance
• Pressure resistance
• Regulatory, operational and other process related requirements

We are a global partner for companies operating in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries as well as for research organizations.

Our solutions cover the range from lab, through pilot up to production volumes.

We support our customers throughout the entire life-cycle of their project, from basic design and engineering through manufacturing and installation to after-sales services and plant-optimization.

Quality Focus

We want to achieve worldwide quality and technology leadership with our products and services, through:

• Innovative products with a maximum of quality
• Reliable apparatus and plants with highest availability
• Outstanding Consulting and Engineering Services
• Comprehensive After-Sales Services

We achieve this through continuous investments in the development of the competencies of our employees, in the optimization of internal and external processes, in innovation as well as in manufacturing technologies and operating resources.

Corporate Culture

Commitment, solution orientation and creativity are deeply rooted in our corporate culture. Decisions are made jointly in the team, if possible, and are based on all relevant insights obtained.

Cross-functional and interdisciplinary exchange of knowledge is an essential cornerstone for the preservation and enhancement of our competitiveness. A constructive and actively lived feedback culture facilitates the continuous development of our employees. 

The collaboration between our employees is based on mutual respect, tolerance, fairness and the respect for different cultures and ways of life.

Suppliers and Subcontractors

We aim for a fair cooperation with our suppliers and subcontractors. We use the possibilities of worldwide procurement to ensure time and cost-efficient supply in the required qualities and sufficient quantities. We consequently assert the fulfillment of our high standards related to quality, delivery reliability, costs and procurement terms and conditions.

Society and Environment

We honor our responsibility to society, acknowledge human rights and are commited to fulfill our obligations related to environmental protection.

We respect the interests of all stakeholders related to our company including customers, employees, distributors, suppliers and the society.

Compliance with all norms, rules and laws relevant to our company is an integral part of the operational processes and our leadership culture.