Filter reactors - Buchi FR 10, FR 30 & FR 50

Filter reactors for pilot plants and kilo labs

Filtration vessel: 10, 30, 50 liter
Pressure FR 10: -1.0 (FV) to +1.0 bar
Pressure FR 30, FR 50: -1.0 (FV) to +0.5 bar
Temperature: -60/+200 °C

Our innovative filter reactors are specifically designed for pilot plants and kilo laboratories. These systems combine a reactor and a nutsche filter in a single unit, enabling a wide range of processes and applications, including cGMP API synthesis, peptide synthesis (peptide synthesizer), and cannabis extraction. 

The filter reactors are available in three sizes, with 10 liter, 30 liter, and 50 liter reaction volumes. They feature a modular design that allows for easy configuration to meet your specific process requirements.

Our filter reactor systems are distinguished by Swiss Quality, safety, and reliability. They are modular, compact, and mobile, allowing for flexible handling and versatile applications. The straightforward operation and the ability to perform various processes in a single device make them particularly user-friendly. 

These systems are turnkey, highly corrosion-resistant, and inert, making them ideal for demanding applications in laboratories and production. Certified to ATEX, CE, and cGMP standards, they offer the highest levels of safety and quality.

Standard package

  • Glass vessel with heating / cooling jacket 
  • Robust cover and bottom plate made from stainless steel with PFA coating  
  • Dry-running mechanical seal with ATEX stirrer drive 
  • Multi-stage stirrer, PFA coated  
  • Baffle, PFA coated with integrated temperature sensor Pt100 
  • Manual lowering device, 2- step, for vessel and bottom plate 
  • Swing-out mechanism for easy removal of filter cake 
  • Heating hoses and pull-safe connection ports to connect TCU 
  • Flexible, durable and vacuum tight buchiflex glass piping

Standard options

  • 4 standard configurations for glass upper section (GUS) available, customized solutions possible
  • Measure / control of temp., pressure / vacuum, stirrer speed, pH 
  • Sampling device 
  • CIP spray nozzle
  • Clean room design (HPAPIs)
  • Glass coating Glassprotect-P, antistatic, shatter protection 
  • Additional material options of bottom plate / cover plate / stirrer: stainless steel 1.4404, Hastelloy® C22
  • Heatable bottom plate made from stainless steel 1.4404, Hastelloy® C22

Standard glass upper section (GUS) configurations (Options)


Typical applications

  • Chemical syntheses
  • Evaporation / precipitation / crystallization
  • Filtration / washing / drying
  • Solid phase peptide synthesis (SPPS)
  • cGMP API production
  • Cannabis solvent extraction
  • Scale-up