SCHMIZO Reactor system accessories

Schmizo reactor systems offer a variety of accessories available. The following are just a few that can be offered with each unit. More options are available upon request.

Liquid dividers

The manually operated column heads are used to adjust the reflux ratio between reflux and drain in distillation columns. Depending on the version, they are designed for operation under vacuum and/or normal pressure.

Temperature accessories

Temperature probes (Pt100), temperature measuring devices, and adapters available upon request. 

pH and Redox electrodes

pH and Redox electrode without temperature compensation.

pH Range: 0 – 14
Temperature range: 0 to 80 °C

Stirrer motors

High torque motors in 4 different executions. 

Lightweight and maintenance-free 


Stirrers available in the following: 

  • Glass
  • Glass with PTFE blades
  • Stainless steel
  • Bola stainless steel / PTFE

Available in a variety of shapes. 

Some examples, but not limited to – anchor, paddle, two paddle, propeller, centrifugal, disc, etc. 

Laboratory racks and stands

The support racks / stands vary depending on the project requirements and vessel sizes. 

Laboratory racks are usually used for systems up to 5 liters. 
Laboratory stands are usually for systems up to 20 liters.