Developing Carrier Molecules to Enhance Drug Delivery

Reactor: miniclave steel, Type 3, 100ml 
Material: Stainless Steel
Temperature: ~120 °C

McGill University uses the Buchiglas miniclave steel pressure reactor to formulate drug additives (carrier molecules) which can enhance drug delivery. Carrier molecules are formed under high pressure and temperature conditions. Once they form, they can then be added to a drug formulation to speed up the release of the drug as well potentially increase the rate of drug permeation. The miniclave steel has also been used to make catalyst additives for other reactions.

"The equipment is great to use! I really enjoy the quality of the stainless steel. Knowing that the vessel will be sealed as long as I operate under the designated safety measure makes me feel confident in the equipment! The vessel is a pleasure to work with and I have recommended Buchiglas to my colleagues.” John Weilenmann, MSc. Bioresource Engineering Candidate, McGill University

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