High temperature polycondensation reactor

For solution-based and melt-polymerization based methods

Reactor:       pilotclave, 20 liter
Pressure:     10 bar
Temperature: -10 to + 325 °C
Material:       Hastelloy® C22  

A high temperature polycondensation reactor which includes an integrated distillation column and a powerful magnetic coupling for stirring. The vessel is equipped with a heated bottom valve to allow for the extraction of the polymer at an even temperature. A lifting device was included to allow for easy maintenance and mobility of the system.

Theo Dingemans, Professor, The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill about the Hastelloy® C22 reactor:
“The most important requirement for us was the ability to produce scale-up experiments (kg quantities) of monomers, polymers, and other small organic molecules via different reaction conditions. Buchi was able to provide a flexible system compatible with both solution-based and melt-polymerization based methods. Distillation capability and the ability to stir viscous polymer solutions/melts is critical for our process. Buchi was able to custom design a Hastelloy® reactor to fulfill all of the above requirements as well as minimizing the footprint of the system in our walk-in fume hood. Very few manufacturers were able to provide this type of solution.”