Miprowa® - micro reactor

Miprowa® technology, known for its rectangular cross-section, is optimally suited for fast, highly exothermic and endothermic reactions that require excellent heat transfer. Customization of the high-performance devices is possible thanks to their flexible modularity. The inserts inside can be varied specifically to suit the requirements of the product involved.

The Miprowa® technology is manufactured from materials such as stainless steel and Hastelloy, leading to compact and robust devices. The integrated scale-up concept guarantees a quick and easy scale-up within similar channel geometries from the smallest scale to production level. By placing the necessary number of channels in parallel channel bundles inside one reactor, the throughput is increased to the desired quantity. These compact devices master an annual production of up to 20.000 t/a effortlessly.

Miprowa® Lab – high flexibility for the MMRS

Channel length: 300 mm
Max. pressure process medium (at 200 °C): 45 /56 / 75 bar 
Temperature: -10 °C to +200 °C
Process volume: 30 ml (15 ml)

The Miprowa® Lab reactor can be integrated into the Modular MicroReaction System (MMRS) and is very flexible. Therefore, it is the perfect tool for process development and optimization.  

Miprowa® Production

Channel length: 600 / 1200 mm
Max. pressure process medium (at 200 °C): 16 (56) bar 
Temperature: -60 °C to +250 °C (400 °C)
Process volume: up to 150 l 

By parallelization of channels within one channel bundle, the methods tested with the Miprowa® Matrix System are transferred to Miprowa® Matrix

For more information about the Miprowa® - micro reactor, please visit the Ehrfeld website