Buchiglas USA

Buchiglas USA Corp. distributes equipment and plants for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries and research institutions in the US, Canadian and Mexican markets. It is a subsidiary of the Swiss company Buchi AG, which is a global leader in engineering and manufacturing of reactor systems and pilot plants. Buchiglas USA Corp. is an established player in its markets, has a dynamic team and a strong dedication to growth. 

Sales & Service in the USA and Canada

«Our US office allows us to serve our customers directly. Our experienced team guarantees full service, from the initial contact, basic design and engineering to delivery/installation and after sales service. We are centrally located close to all New York City Airports and we feature a showroom to exhibit a broad spectrum of products. We welcome you to inquire about the products we offer and experience the quality first hand.»

Buchiglas USA Corp

15 Michael Avenue
Farmingdale, NY 11735 USA

Phone: 631 912 2300
Fax:   631 393 2918



buchiglasuster, Switzerland

Our Team

“With my technical background coupled with intense product training in Switzerland, I can provide you with detailed, accurate information regarding the systems you’ll need. I’m ready to answer your questions quickly and accurately, to explore all viable options that we can offer you. I am also available to visit your facilities to discuss your requirements in person.”

Email: Tim Osborne - Sales & Projects – Glass reactors & Pressure Reactors

Phone: 631 912 2300 X 2

“Previously serving as a chemist in a production facility I have gained a hands-on understanding of how chemical processes progress from start to finish. Coupled together with intense product training from our Swiss headquarters I am confident in serving as the bridge from both the process and equipment aspect whether it’s through general questions, project discussion, or overall equipment requirements.” 

Contact me today to discuss how our equipment can benefit your company both now and in the future.

Email: Rudy Hernandez - Sales & Projects - Glass reactors & Pressure Reactors

Phone: 631 912 2300 X 3

Our NY facilities

Come and visit us  - see our equipment and discuss your specific need on the equipment itself.