Automated lab reactors

SYSTAG is our competent partner for sophisticated automation solutions. SYSTAG’s specialization and expertise in advanced process automation solutions has made it a preferred partner for the chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The company offers systems that enhance efficiency and safety at every key stage from development through piloting to production, including all chemical process development aspects associated with reaction scale-up.

FlexyCUBE - turn-key automated lab reactor

Volume: 250 ml (70, 100 or 400 ml optional)
Temperature: -80°C to +280°C
Material: Borosilicate glass

Standard Features

  • 1 PC controls up to 6 reactor units
  • Gravimetric dosage(s) through the use of balance, pump and/or solenoid valve
  • Single-sided (standard) or double-sided pH control, with or without mass detection
  • Automated distillation, based on detection of boiling point
  • Automated pressure-vacuum-vent control

ePAT – Solution for jacketed reactor automation

If you are looking for a small portable multi-purpose reactor automation, the ePAT is the economic solution suitable for all jacketed glass reactors and pressure reactors.

ePAT is compatible with jacketed glass and pressure reactors from various manufactures and allows you to control a multitude of different process Parameters.

Simple operation with plug and play feature thanks to a modular concept!

Standard Features

  • Control of stirrer, temperature, two dosage-lines of gas or liquid and pH measurement
  • Online data and event logging
  • 5 programmable temperature steps

FlexyPAT – Sophisticated reactor automation

If you are looking for a more sophisticated, customizable reactor automation solution FlexyPAT is the right choice.  The integration of existing periphery is also possible.

The following systems can easily be integrated:

  • Huber/ Julabo/Lauda thermostats
  • FT-IR Systems, Particle sizer analyzer
  • IKA/ Heidolph/ Buchi stirrer Motors (Danfoss FU)
  • Metrohm Dosino/ Harvard syringe pump MFC
  • Mettler/ Sartorius balances
  • Web-Cham, Vacuubrand Vario Pump, Ultrasonic


FlexyPAT is compatible with the most common pressure and glass reactors and allows you to control various process parameters.

  • Easy handling with plug and play thanks to a modular concept
  • Customized turn-key systems with wide range of options
  • System configuration by automatic sensor identification
  • One PC workstation controls up to 4 reactors
  • Fully programmable with easy to write procedures
  • Modular concept for future system extension

Simple operation with plug and play thanks to a modular concept!

 Standard Features

  • Temperature control (TR/TJ)
  • Stirrer speed control with torque measurement
  • 2 gravimetric feeds / volumetric Feeds
  • pH-control single side (acid or base)
  • Data capture / on-line trend / Lab journal

Some of the available options

  • Addition dosages by pump, MFC, syringe pumps etc.
  • Pressure / vacuum control
  • Solid dosing system, sampling system
  • Turbidity- / conductivity measurement
  • Recipe software

Customization according to your application requirements

  • Automated Hydrogenation, Ethoxylation, Propoxylation
  • Integration of RTA-Tools (FT-IR, Particle Sizer, other 3rd party equipment)
  • Option for Heat-Flow-Calorimetry for Thermal Safety Risk Assessment
  • Distillation, automatic inertization and pressure control
  • Gas dosage with mass flow controller