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About Ehrfeld

Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik is our competent and experienced partner for microreaction/flowreaction technology. The strength of Ehrfeld Mikrotechnik is its holistic approach offering equipment from the laboratory through pilot to production scale. For specific reaction and process requirements, customized solutions are developed out of four product groups: The Modular MicroReaction System - MMRS, FlowPlateTM, ART® Reactors, and Miprowa®. Quality made in Germany.

Modular MicroReaction System - MMRS

MMRS provides users with a globally unique equipment for research and development as well as for small-quantity production. Comprising of more than 60 individual modules (reactors, mixers, heat exchangers, sensors, and actuators), MMRS allows for an individual configuration, while maximizing flexibility and optimizing the reaction conditions of multi-stage syntheses. MMRS modules prove particularly efficacious in sophisticated reactions, including exothermic and safety-critical reactions.

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FlowPlateTM is a premium toolkit for continuous production of fine chemicals and active pharmaceutical ingredients (APIs) with a high heat transfer capacity and high pressure resistance (up to 100 bar).
The modular, flexible design enables the creation of innovative production lines that can be easily expanded, modified, and adjusted to specific customer and process requirements. The quick and easy scale-up allows for on-demand production under cGMP conditions. 


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Application examples:

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ART® Reactors

The modular and versatile ART® Reactors are milli-structured plate reactors with excellent heat transfer, optimal residence time distribution and faster mixing than conventional techniques, designed for quick and easy scale-up. ART® Reactors enable a broad spectrum of reaction categories, from research and development to production applications allowing for different temperature zones within the same apparatus. The result is a significantly intensified process in terms of yield, costs and safety. The reactors can be completely disassembled, simplifying the cleaning process. 

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Miprowa® technology, known for its rectangular cross-section and flexible layers inside, is optimally suited for fast, severely exothermic and endothermic reactions that require excellent heat transfer. The integrated scale-up concept guarantees a quick and easy scaleup within similar channel geometries from lab up to production. The throughput is increased to the desired production capacity by a parallel setup of a large number of channels within one reactor. These compact devices master an annual production of up to 20.000 t/a effortlessly.

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