Hydrogenation in pilot plant and production

Hydrogenations in R&D and production

Reactor: 250 liter
Pressure: 120 bar
Temperature: 200 °C
Material: Hastelloy®  C22

Buchi hydrogenation reactors are designed for intensive daily use in pharmaceutical labs, pilot plants / kilo labs and production facilities. The main pharma related hydrogenation appli-cations include catalyst screening, scale-up and cGMP production of APIs (from pilot to production scale). 

Depending on the physical & chemical process specifications and operational & regulatory requirements the appropriate reactor model is selected. In addition to the selection of the model, the individual unit is customized in various dimensions (i.e. material in contact with media, vessel shape, stirrer drive capacity, stirrer shape etc.

  • 3600 Ncm torque coupling
  • gassing stirrer
  • hydraulic lifting

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