Thermostate (TCU) for reactors

The temperature of jacketed reactors can be controlled by

  • TCUs (temperature control unit) 
  • large central heating/cooling units with secondary systems for individual reactor temperature control 
  • process steam (in case of large metal reactors) 

Our jacketed reactors are typically temperature controlled using heat transfer oil and TCU or central heating/cooling units.  

The heat transfer oil which is pumped through the jacket of the reactor controls the process temperature inside the reactor. The temperature range of the heat transfer oil spans from -80°C up to 300°C (depending on the heat transfer oil used). 

Jacketed glass reactors require a low circulation pressure in the jacket. This circulation pressure of the heat transfer oil is controlled by the TCU.

We cooperate with the leading manufacturers of temperature control units with the aim to supply complete reactions systems (reactor plus TCU). This cooperation guarantees best process performance due to the optimal configuration of reactor and TCU. 


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