Basic laboratory glass reactor systems


Schmizo is our experienced partner for laboratory glass reactor systems. Founded in 1949, they pride themselves in commitment to consistency and reliability. As a flexible partner for scientific glassware, they combine expertise in the craft of glass blowing with an extensive selection of modern machinery to ensure mechanically precise manufacturing. Schmizo equipment is prevalent among the research and pharmaceutical industry. Quality made in Switzerland. 

SCHMIZO Reactor system

Glass reactor: 0.1 to 20 liter
Pressure: -1 (FV) to ambient
Temperature: –80°C to +200°C (up to +250°C with special materials)

SCHMIZO Reactor Systems

SCHMIZO Nutsche filter

Glass vessel: 0.1 to 15 liter
Pressure: 1mbar to ambient 
Temperature: –60°C to +200°C


Nutsche filter with glass filter plate

SCHMIZO Reactor system accessories

Liquid dividers, temperature items, pH and redox attachments, stirrer motors, stirrers, laboratory racks and stands

A variety of accessories