Opposite Jet Mill

Opposite jet mills are equipped with a dynamic classifier whereas spiral jet mills have a static gas classifier integrated into the mill housing. They are used for Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients or non-pharmaceutical compounds.

The purpose of the opposite jet mill is to micronize dry powder and to reduce the particle size to a distribution below 20 microns, depending on the specification of the customer. The micronization takes place through frontal collision of dry particles and is accelerated by pressurized process gas. Thanks to the high automation level of the opposite jet mill, it represents a perfect solution for a product dedicated micronization line. The opposite jet mill is mainly used for non-pharma applications. 

Opposite SOM 100 / SOM 300 / SOM 400

Technical Details SOM 100 SOM 300 SOM 400
Air consumption at 7 (bar) 0,7 Nm3/min. 3,6 Nm3/min. 16 Nm3/min.
Feed rate Kg/h 0,5 min-5 max 5 min-100 max 8 min-300 max
Initial granulometry 5000 max µm 5000 max µm 5000 max µm
Final fineness 0,5+10 max ranges µm 0,5+10 max ranges µm 0,5+10 may ranges µm