SCHMIZO Nutsche filter

Nutsche filter with glass filter plate

Glass vessel: 0.1 to 15 liter
Pressure: 1mbar to ambient 
Temperature: –60°C to +200°C 
Porosities: 1 to 500 um

Schmizo Nutsche filters are a unique solution for Lab and R&D processes. These units allow for small filtration setups below 15 liters.

Two setups are available for SCHMIZO Nutsche filters: 
Filter Reactor – A reaction vessel (can be single walled, jacketed, or triple walled) with a fixed filter. Two options are available for this solution where the fixed filter allows for the media to pass through more passively or allows the media to sit on the filter plate. 

Filter element PTFE with sealed glass filter plate

Nutsche filter - A filter element is clamped between a column (with or without heating jacket) and a separate glass section with a bottom outlet. This is a solution that will allow for the easiest exchange of the filter element. 


  1. Cover dome
  2. Column (jacketed)
  3. Filter element
  4. Bottom glass section with bottom outlet


SCHMIZO Nutsche filter