bpc 2 Hydrogenator - turnkey solution

For dependable and reproducible hydrogenations

Buchi gas dosing system bpc 2 in combination with Buchi pressure reactors creates an optimal solution for safe, accurate and reproducible hydrogenations.

The Buchi hydrogenator is a turnkey hydrogenation solution, consisting of:

  • bpc 2 (Buchi pressflow controller) for hydrogen dosing, control of reaction pressure and continuous measuring of the Hydrogen uptake until saturation
  • Buchi pressure reactors, offered in different materials and volumes for high to low pressure applications

The unique volumetric hydrogen gas dosing records the parameters pressure, momentary consumption and overall consumption. The optional bls3 allows operation of the apparatus via PC and storing or recorded data for further analyses. 

This robust technology is based its precursor bpc, which has proven its reliability and performance in research, scale up, process development and optimization as well as in small scale manufacturing plants of pharmaceutical and fine chemical companies worldwide. It is often used for catalyst testing, in polymerizations also.

The Buchi complete solution fulfills highest safety standards for hydrogenations under low and high pressure and makes it a very reliable system. Multiple built-in safety features as built in gas leakage sensors can trigger an immediate shut down of the gas supply.

The reactors can be prepared for catalytic hydrogenations by different solutions as for catalyst charge and exposure as well as for gas entrainment. The reactors design and accessories enable control of exothermic reactions.

The bpc2 instrument is easy and safe to operate. The hydrogen uptake is continuously measured and recorded until saturation or another predefined limit is reached. The progress of the reaction is shown graphically.

The unique volumetric dosing enables high accuracy over a wide range by 2 possible control modes:

  • constant reaction pressure
  • constant flow rate

Standard features

  • Hydrogenation at  0.5 to 140 bar (7 to 2000 psi) pressure
    High pressure version up to 400 bar (6000 psi) on request
  • Continuous measuring of H2 uptake or other active gas
  • Gas consumption in mol, ml
  • Automatic shut-off upon reaching preselected gas quantity or saturation
  • Maintaining preselected reaction pressure during experiment
  • Easy to operate / read touch screen panel
  • Graphic display of reaction kinetic
  • Data storage on USB memory stick
  • Many safety features (e.g. leak detector, automatic stop functions etc.)
  • Fast charge

Technical data:

  • Accuracy > 9 9% at:
  • Flow rates 0 – 225 liters n/min

 Active gas (dosing / measuring):

  • Hydrogen (H2)
  • Ethylene (C2H4)
  • Propylene (C3H6)
  • Carbon monoxide (CO)
  • Carbon dioxide (CO2)


  • Measure / display of pressure, temperature, stirrer speed
  • Automatic functions as Nitrogen purging, inertisation
  • Sequence program (including venting valve) to define automated process steps with possibility to link these, as an example:
  • Automated system preparation before run:
    • Step: flush system with Nitrogen
    • Step: Leakage testing
    • Step: flush system with active gas
  • RS 232 / Ethernet connection to the bls 2 software with up to 16 channels recorded on PC
  • Remote control function
  • Set point for thermostats
  • Etc.