PPR Parallel Pressure Reactor

Customized parallel pressure reactor system

Reactor volume: 50 ml - 300 ml
Number of reactors: 2 - 6 
Pressure: -1.0 (FV) to +150 bar
Temperature: -20 °C to +300 °C
Material: stainless-steel, Hastelloy®, tantalum, PTFE inliner

Other setups are available.

Catalyst screening and Hydrogenations in reduced time, reproducible and safe: These were the key issues for our customer in chemical research, asking us to develop this system.

This parallel pressure reactor system is configurable and modular, allowing for individual or parallel operation settings of each reactor. This system uses automated process control enabling fast process development and parallel reaction screening in a reproducible and safe manner.

Multiple safety features guarantee safe hydrogenations and other processes.

Modular Hardware

  • 2 - 6 Reactors PPR systems are available
  • Individual or parallel operation settings for each reactor (temperature, other)
  • Configurable hardware:  from Basic to complete setup including dosing
  • Automated sampling

Operation modes

  • Manual: The software controls the reactor hardware, data logging of process data
  • Automated: Low to high degree (full process automation including dosing of gas, liquids)
  • For full automation, a recipe editor is included in the software to edit existing settings and to define completely new processes.
  • Multiple safety features guarantee safe hydrogenations and other processes

Hardware - Pressure Reactors

2 - 6 pressurized reaction vessels in its individual heating / cooling blocks can be controlled in the PPR system. The system is expandable, starting at 2 reactors.

  • Reactor block with individual heating / cooling
  • Lift for Reactor block lifting / lowering
  • Individual temperature control
  • Reactor with safety fast action closure
  • Stirrer drive with powerful magnetic coupling (75 Ncm torque)
  • Continuous adjustable agitator speed, 0-2500 rpm
  • Safety rupture disc
  • Pt100 sensor
  • Cover with 6 opening (for Pt100, dip tube, valves etc.)
  • Optional burette, catalyst basket, gassing stirrer etc.
  • Optional liquid dosing via balance (at up to 275 bar)
  • Optional liquid dosing, SS316 pr PEEK corrosion resistant metering pump, flow rates 0.003 to 40 ml/min


Software - Process setting & control

The PPR software is user-friendly. Every single process step can be followed on the graphic display. It is GxP compliant, data can be exported. Multiple safety features guarantee safe process procedures. Operation mode can be chosen from manually to fully automated, depending on installed hardware.

Control parameters are: Reaction pressure, temperature, gas, liquid flow, gas consumption, stirrer speed, safety limits etc. 

Available single automation steps:

  • Inert gas purging
  • Leakage control
  • Gas purging (nitrogen / active gas)
  • Reaction control mode constant-flow
  • Reaction control mode constant reaction pressure
  • Etc.

End criteria to stop a hydrogenation:

  • Total gas consumption
  • Minimal gas flow
  • Time over event controlled

Automated sampling:

  • Contamination free
  • Up to 4 samples of each reactor
  • Automated (recipe) or manually controlled
  • Sampling shown live in graphic display

Typical applications

  • Hydrogenations in parallel
  • Catalyst testing in parallel
  • Process development, scale up studies
  • Carbonylation by CO / Carboxylation by CO2
  • Decarboxylation
  • Friedel-Crafts-Acylation
  • Ethoxylatons (optional)
  • General gas reactions at constant flow (CO, CO2, Ehtylen, O2, NO)
  • Design of experiment (DoE)
  • Quality by Design (QbD)