ATEX compliance - ATEX proofed reactors

Agitator shaft seal, stirrer drives, agitators

A stirrer drive consists of:

  • Ex motor with ex proof speed reducer for manual speed adjustment or with a frequency converter for electrical speed adjustment and measuring of the stirrer speed and torque
  • Ex proof agitator shaft seal keeping the reactor tight against the atmosphere and dry running to avoid any contamination of the chemical process and product
  • stirrers for best heat transfer into the product and efficient mixing of the chemical components

Stirrer drive with dry running mechanical sealing

The stirrer shaft seal is a key component of chemical reactors. It stands for leakage free operation of the rotating stirrer shaft. A mechanical seal shall be dry running, avoiding any contamination of the chemistry by a lubricant. Stirrers or agitators are important for mixing and heat-transfer so design and dimensions are crucial. Impellers are used for universal tasks

Mechanical sealing is designed for vacuum and low pressure and stirrer speed operations for larger glass lined steel stirrer shafts. These shafts are offered in corrosion resistant metal and ceramic for very high pressures and viscosities – see also our magnetic couplings below.

Stirrer drives with dry running magnetic coupling

Dry running mechanical agitator shaft sealing including stirrer, motor and control used for high vacuum to high pressure and high viscosities are equipped with magnetic couplings as a static sealing element. These stirrer drives for chemical pressure reactors are designed for extreme operating conditions regarding temperature, pressure, low and high torque mixing, high stirrer rotation speed. The wetted parts are made in corrosion resistant metals and ceramic.


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