buchiflex - unique glass joint

buchiflex – the unique, flexible glass connection system

Safe, tight and reliable connections are the crucial point for dependable operations of glass reactors in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry. The Buchi company founders recognized at an early stage that the flexibility of each individual glass joint is of huge importance. The unique buchiflex connection was invented as the basis of a complete modular glass system with interchangeable components.

The exclusive design makes installation and maintenance a fast and easy job. This flexible and tight connection system results in short downtimes, reduces operation costs and increases productivity in chemical plants. The buchiflex system has proven its reliability and cost effectiveness in numerous installations worldwide. It is featured in plants built for the demanding daily operation in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

The continued development of the system and its components today ensures incomparable reliability and enables the current standards and industry guidelines to be met.

Modular assembly system

  • High modularity: DN 15 - 600
  • Wide choice of Büchi standard components increases
    efficiency of design, construction and delivery
  • Efficient planning to meet customer needs
  • Reliable supply of spare parts
  • Enables fast modifications of the existing setup
  • Self-emptying piping


  • Safety, preventing the glass from mechanical stress
  • Self-aligning, since spherical
  • Fast and easy installation
  • Short service interventions

Flame - polished glass joint

  • No residues
  • Efficient cleaning

Metal flanges

  • Electrical conducting blue colored coating
  • Proper earthing of system (ATEX)
  • Spring-loaded flexible connection


  • ATEX
  • PED
  • TA Luft

Glass catalog - buchiflex components